Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Night In

A documentation of my dinner plans with a retired botany professor and perhaps another student. In this project I hope to push the boundaries of "social art." I will also be expanding on the main theme that I have been exploring throughout this term of making "everyday life" into a work of art.

I decided to do this as my final project because I have been experiencing a lot of anhedonia this term and I realized that what makes me feel good is making other people's days, or just making them smile (cheesy, but true). I was also hoping to expand on the main theme that I've been exploring this term of everyday events becoming art. The song used in this video is called "Redbone" and it's by Childish Gambino. I chose it because I think it's an awesome song and the timing of the beats went well with the video. If anyone has any questions please comment on my blog! 

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