Wednesday, February 1, 2017


"It had to do with life more than with art, you know?"-Robert Frank

McLuhan states that, "The interplay between the old and the new environments creates many problems and confusions. The main obstacle to a clear understanding of the effects of the new media is our deeply embedded habit of regarding all phenomena from a fixed point of view." (69) This immediately got me thinking about human manipulation of the environment, probably because I'm taking Genetics this term. Humans have been manipulating other species' DNA for thousands of years to create a "better product" with the most desirable traits. The earliest human manipulation of the environment in action was breeding and domestication. One example of this early human manipulation is the domestication of the auroch. Aurochs are massive (and dangerous), wild cattle that have gone extinct. Ten thousand years ago, humans domesticated these animals to get some practical use out of them (the auroch was domesticated into what is today the zebu cattle and the taurine cattle).

For this project, I decided to photograph a bunch of drugged (put to sleep via Eythl Ether) Drosophila melanogaster (fruit flies) that I have been manipulating genetically all term. These flies exhibit varying phenotypes due to several different mutations. Click here to view them.

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